Smile For Me is an unconventional Point-and-Click Adventure Game that puts you at the center of an abstract world! Nod and shake your head to chat with new friends, and solve their mysteries to cheer them up.

The People are bizarre, the Puzzles are Wack, and the World hides a sinister secret...

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Day Lane

Whoa! I'm just a lady with a hankering for Evocative Art. I'm a game designer at heart, who loves to bring worlds and systems to life! I studied Information Science and I love to code! Chat with me sometime about games and media!


Yugo Limbo

Hello hello hello! I’m Yugo, an animator, hawaiian shirt enthusiast, cartoonist, director... and everything related! Inspired by Eastern European & American cartoons from the 50s-60s, I do my best to spread the funky flow that is Yugo!


About the Project

Smile For Me began as a small experiential game in late April of 2018, when we met. Our excitement for the world of the Habitat drove us to pursue the project in a larger form. A transcription of classic point-and-click mechanics into the first-person space was a design and UX challenge that we were intent on Conquering.

Dropsy, Psychonauts, The Dream Machine, and 90s Adventure Games all lended some thematic and stylistic inspiration. However, most of the Look-'N'-Feel was the product of plenty of trial and error! Smile For Me blends 2 and 3-dimensional assets to create a mixed-media aesthetic that is totally unique to the game.

We think we've created something you'll love! Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback, and we hope to see you in the Habitat!

...and don't forget to Smile For Me : - )