Concept, Story, and Writing by Day Lane & Yugo Limbo

Yugo Limbo
Character Design
Environment Design
Environment Texturing
Filmed Sequences

Day Lane
Environment Modeling
Game Mechanics
Puzzle Design & Game Flow
UI Design
User Experience
Web Development

Lucas Saur
Musical Performance
Sound Track Composition

Will Savino
Sound Design

Musical performance by:
Lucas Saur
Emily Sgouros - vibraphone
AJ Belloco - saxophone
Theo Braun - additional guitar
Baptiste Horschelle - additional saxophone
Eliza Blake - vocals
Adam Cordero - bass-clarinet
Marcel Sharelson - piano
Shai Yuval - drums
Evan Marien - additional mixing and mastering

Additional Voice Acting by:
Samanthuel Louise Gillson (Splendidland)
Frankie Green
Christian Flynn
Bana Valope
Tessa Wells
Jintana Cunningham
Grace Brewster

Dr. Habit Puppet by The CircusCottage

Frankie Green - QA Testing Lead
Bana Valope
Nathaniel Taylor
Chad Ellis
Anthony Arteaga
Matt Strachan
Jacob Sabolsky
Travis Reaves-Butterfield
Marcus "Duck" Taylor
Michael Li

Special Thanks To:

Jake Lane
Bana Valope
Nathaniel Taylor
Xiaohan Gao

Christian Flynn
Stevie Lane
Ziyad Duron
Michael Archer

...and you!